Removing a 'glitch' from audio recording?


I still hear the artefact on ‘IDontUnderstand.wav’ that you posted.

Do you hear it?

No, or at least nothing I would call a glitch.

The performer is sitting too close to the microphone and has some slight P popping in his speech. Also there is some background pumping. Did you record this with a device that has auto level setting? That can create some odd effects in a voice, particularly if the room has other noises in it during the show.


Did you record this on a Windows machine? You posted in a generic forum so we can’t tell what kind of computer you were on. What kind of microphone and did you turn off Windows’ auto volume control and conferencing tools? Newer Windows machines have conferencing and communications tools turned on by default and they can create odd problems with straight recordings.


It was a radio stream from the BBC, their ‘listen again’ service. It was recorded on a linux machine with Audacity. The glitch is also on the original stream, because I went and listened to it again, and its the same sound in exactly the same place.

What surprises me is that there are several distinct “imperfections” in the recording that you have not mentioned tourofitaly, but you appear to be complaining about one particular “glitch” that no-one else can hear.

I would expect some minor imperfections in a live radio broadcast that has been highly compressed for Internet broadcast, passed through a consumer grade sound card and recorded. In fact I would be rather alarmed if it sounded perfect.