Removing a 'glitch' from audio recording?


I have recorded some audio with Audacity (just people talking), but there is a glitch sound. Is it possible to remove this without removing the voice? or is it impossible?

Here is a small section of the recording which contains the glitch

I don’t hear anything obvious wrong with that monolog.

Describe it. Like “a pop just before he says ‘Inexcusable.’”

Hi kozikowski,

The sound is on the word ‘understand’, it’s a snare like sound.

I can’t hear anything, either. There’s no clipping, and no obvious spikes in the recording.

– Bill

The speech is perfectly comprehensible to me, but I can hear hissing artifacts, e.g. immediately after “someone” and “under” in “understand”.

Are you wanting to do something like this?

Looks like you’ve changed the equalization on the word “under“ : cutting back frequencies above ~6.5KHz …
comparison of 'under' before-after spectrograms-.gif

Yes its the artifact when he says ‘understand’, that I’d like to remove.


In the ’ before-and-after.wav’ attachment, the artifact still seems to be present.

Do you mean that the “artefact” is unchanged, or that it is mostly removed but still detectable?

I used the Equalizer effect with the sliders 8, 10 and 12.5 kHz pulled down a little to reduce that “hiss”. Then there are two little “clicks” that are visible (vertical red lines - the larger one is visible in your screenshot at about time=2.18)

It sounds unchanged.

In that case I’ve no idea what “glitch” you are talking about (and I don’t think that anyone else has either).

I really dont know, I’ve listened to it in mplayer on a linux machine, also mediaplayer on a windows laptop, its definately there, I think its quite loud and noticeable. Its occurs on the word ‘understand’.

Steve, the glitch seems to be right on the ‘S’ of the word ‘understand’.

That sounds like nothing more than a normal “s” sound, perhaps bit strong on the sibilance. What are you using to listen to the playback? It could be that your playback system is distorting when encountering this sound.

– Bill

I went back and listened to the original streamed radio broadcast, and the ‘glitch’ is there also. Perhaps thats the reason it doesnt show up in Audacity?

Im using a linux system with Alsa, I’ve tried mplayer, and xmms. But I’ve also tried windows XP and mediaplayer, and the sound seems to be there too.

It does sound seperate from what the man is saying. Although its not such a big deal, I can live with it, I just would have prefered to get rid of it.

Are you using the same speakers/headphones on all of these tests?

No, I’ve tried it on two different computers, and I can hear it on both of them.

Trebor in post #6 can hear it too (, in the .wav clip he localizes the artefact to the word ‘understand’ (more specifically, immediately after the word ‘under’).

Trebor wrote:

I can hear hissing artifacts, e.g. immediately after “someone” and “under” in “understand”

which I assumed was the same “hissing artefact” that I changed in the “Before and After” sample that I posted.

Steve, you know the ‘before-and-after.wav’ file you posted, do you hear the glitch? I hear it in both the before and after. Its right after the word ‘under’.

Give this a listen.