Removig radio beeps from an mp3

Hello All,

I’ve been searching for the forum and web but couldn’t find a clear solution, so hope I’m at the right place.

I have some recordings from the radio, which were all taken at around a fixed hour.
Therefore each audio file is having 4 “beeps” (announcing the round hour).

I would like to get rid of these 4 beeps, even if the original sound is damaged behind this (I don’t mind 4 small parts of damaged audio, but I very much hate getting a song interrupted by 4 very loud beeps)!

Do you have guidance/advice of how to get rid of these beeps?

A sample is attached for clarity.
Many thanks,

Use “Spectral edit multi tool” to notch out the beeps (

Thanks so much!
Both the tool and the community will never stop to amaze me :slight_smile:

In a good way I hope :slight_smile: