remove welcome to audacity nag screen

I can not find anywhere in the documentation how to remove / disable the nag screen during first run of audacity.
Is there a registry key or ini file somewhere I can modify to prevent this? It has the “do not show me this again” checkbox so it is storing the fact someone checked that box somewhere, but I can’t find where. I’ve tried to do registry compares with no luck. Any help?

Audacity does not have a nag screen.
Audacity has a “Welcome” screen which has a “don’t show this again” check box at the bottom left corner.

If you are getting a nag screen, check in “Help menu > About Audacity” and check that you are actually using Audacity and not some other program.
Audacity should be downloaded only from official sources. The main Audacity download page is:

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same thing.
how do I remove the “nag” (welcome) screen so our users are not nagged/welcomed.

Click on the “don’t show this again” then close Audacity.

The setting is stored in Audacity’s configuration file.
Start Notepad and open the file %APPDATA%Audacityaudacity.cfg
Search for ShowSplashScreen
ShowSplashScreen=0 means don’t show the splash screen and
ShowSplashScreen=1 means show the splash screen.

Maybe Audacity fails to read its configuration file for some reason or is unable to save it. If so, it will leave a message to that effect in the log.
What does “Help > Show log…” show?


Just out of curiosity, who are “our users” and why do you not want them to see the “Welcome to Audacity”? The welcome screen contains useful information about how to get help with using Audacity, so why would you want to hide that from “our users”?

you obviously don’t manage thousands of computers.

“our users” are several thousand people in an enterprise.
I don’t want them to see welcome screens because it looks unprofessional when you open every piece of software and have to click next next next, or whatever. When they open a program it needs to be ready to use.

@ragnar.jensen thanks! I’ll look into that config file. It would be nice if Audacity would store that setting in the registry so I could push it with group policy. Oh well.

You can create a new file accessible to all your users (for example SYSVOL) named “audacity.cfg” with the content you want, for example mine :


And then make a user GPO to copy this file on the %appdata%\audacity\ folder. Set this GPO to apply once if you want your users to have their own settings.

When the user open Audacity for the first time, it will complete the audacity.cfg file.