remove violin from instrumental mp3

hey , i couldnt find my answer here.
i have an instrumental mp3 and i want to extract the violin parts
thanks :smiley:

It probably can’t be done, but see here:

There is no sound isolation program – pull the violin out and save it. Sometimes you can remove some sounds if they are in the exact center of a good quality stereo show. That’s vocal removal. That’s what the link is.

Software doesn’t “know” what a violin or voice actually is. All it can do is rely on tricks and simple arithmetic which is how vocal removal works.


i mean delete specific instrument part… so i could only listen to the drums…

Let me try an analogy:
I have some tropical fruit drink - it’s very nice. When I drink it I can taste the fresh mango, the pineapple, the nectarine, and if I really concentrate I can taste the lychee. Music is a bit like this - when I record a band I record the drums, the guitars, the vocalists and all of the other instruments. They all go into the mix and are carefully blended into delicious concoction. When I listen back to it I can hear the drums, the guitars, the vocals and all of the other instruments.

Now let’s say that I want just the pineapple from the tropical fruit drink. If I have all of the raw ingredients before they have been mixed and blended together, then it’s no problem, but once they have been made into tropical fruit drink it’s too late, they are blended together as one thing. I can still taste them individually but I can’t separate them. It’s the same for music; once the ingredients have been mixed and blended into a single track they become one complex waveform. I can still hear the drums and the guitars, the vocals and the other instruments, but if I only want, say the lead guitar, then I need the raw ingredients from before they wee mixed together.

In certain special cases some degree of separation may be possible. If there are “orangey bits” in the fruit drink then I may be able to separate them by filtering. Similarly in special cases it may be possible to perform some degree of separation in the music, for example I may be able to make the bass guitar more pronounced by turning up the low frequencies and turning down the treble, but overall they are so thoroughly intertwined as to be inseparable.

There are some tools and techniques that in some special cases can help to give some separation of instruments in the mix - I previously gave you a link to an article about that ( - but there is no magic wand to “unmix” either a tropical fruit drink or a mixed down audio track.

There’s lots of questions about remixing music, "make the violin louder, delete the drums, move the trumpets, etc. Can’t do any of it. Your ears can tell when a trumpet and violin are in the song at the same time, but software is clueless. It’s all wiggling blue waves to the program.