Remove Unwanted noise


My apologize if this has been asked before. This stupid fan noise has plagued me for months now! Any ideas on removing those unwanted noise completely?


removing those unwanted noise completely?

No, but we can suppress it.

Record a portion over a second or two with the fan noise only . No breathing, talking, shuffling or other noises. Then talk or play as normal for five or ten seconds. Stop. Drag-select that silent portion and Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile.

Then select the whole file by clicking just right of the up arrow.

Effect > Noise Reduction and start with the default settings. The Profile or noise sample should “stick” until you restart Audacity. Edit > UNDO and try different settings if needed.

You may note that you can reduce the noise to zero, but the voice or music will start to sound bubbly like talking into a wine glass. That’s normal. Noise Reduction isn’t “free.”

You can also try installing Noise Gate.

Noise Gate tries to sense when silence should be there and forces it to be silent. It’s really hard to adjust.


This dance is one of the reasons you might want to record live performances on something other than the computer. The fuzzy rule is look for another way if you struggle with the computer longer than about two weeks.

That’s an old Zoom H4 stand-alone recorder. Still working.