Remove unwanted audio at start of track

I am new to Audacity so probably missing somethin obvious. I am trying to remove the noise of the needle drop and leading blank. Instructions say
1.Set Snap To: Off in the Selection Toolbar
2.Click the Skip to Start button
3.Zoom in until you can see from the start of the track to the start of the music
4.Click and drag from the start of the music to the start of the track
5.Click on Edit > Remove Audio > Delete

Every time I try this it ignores where I dragged the start to and deletes eveything

But you can UNDO and bring it all back, right?

You got the Zoom thing down? Drag-select the beginning of the show and Control-E, zoom to selection.

And you drag-select the obvious clunk and noisy lead track, press DEL on the keyboard and your whole show goes away?

Does it still do that if you restart Audacity – assuming you saved your show?


Hi Kaz
Yes it happen just as you say. The undo brings it all back so allis not lost just frustrating not being able to delete the rubbish at the front before I start seperating the tracks

I Think I’ve solved it. I was dragging with the magnifier, need to swith back to seletion tool :slight_smile: