Remove this 'crackle' from song?

I purchased a song from AudioJungle and unfortunately it has some type of crackle artifact that I can’t seem to remove. Here’s a brief clip of the audio:

You can hear what almost sounds like a vibration on the right channel. I really don’t know of a better way to describe it or what the proper term for this is (which makes it difficult to search for). Is there a way to remove this with Audacity?

I think no. It sounds like the right channel is overloading and clipping on loud peaks. Why it would do that is beyond me because the blue waves show no obvious damage – or have no damage that doesn’t also appear on the left. Spectrum analysis is convinced that the left channel is more damaged than the right, which doesn’t help any.

But still no. I can’t think of a tool that will smooth out cracklies when we can’t even figure out what they are.


That’s unfortunate, but thanks for the reply. I’ve tried to contact the author of the file to see if he can fix it, no luck yet.