remove the singing from this clip

Hi there

I tried to remove the singing from this clip by following the instructions on this site, however the singing was still there, although a bit quieter, but the track had a strange ehco type sound to it as well, so not a great result.

i was wondering if there were any gurus who may have some advice.

I have uploaded the original unedited copy here, if anyone is interested…

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

The “invert one track” method doesn’t work when there is stereo echo/reverb on the centre-panned vocal : the stereo reverb means the vocal is no longer identical in both left and right channels so the destructive interference technique doesn’t work and some echoey vocal remains.

like it says in the manual the vocal remover only works on some stereo tracks …

they there, thanks for your reply

so in this case there is no way to remove the vocals?

No, I don’t think it’s possible on that track, even using other techniques.

oh well, thanks anyway!

do you think any other program on the market would be able to do it?

I don’t think anything could do it: the piano and voice are similar in frequency-content and their position in the stereo field, they would have to differ in some respect to be able to separate them.

Extraboy pro is designed to extract sounds from a mix, but like I said I don’t think vocal removal is possible on the Joe Jackson track.

ok thanks for yous reply i appreciate your help