remove text in timeshift bar

Hi all
I do like the new timeshift bar, :smiley: but I have a problem with it !
Recordings I made in Audacity have no text in the timeshift bar :slight_smile:
Recordings with the new installation have ‘Audio Track #1’ on the timeshift bar :frowning:
screen shot to show what I mean :slight_smile:
I really do not need this on my recorded tracks, it just makes more clutter, and I already have the name of the track in the left-hand panel. Also it doesn’t tell me anything new as it doesn’t reflect the actual name of the track
How do I get rid of that text?
Thanks, Andrew

Windows 10

oh never mind I have ditched this version and reverted to
ill do a new post about it :frowning:

Better to revert to 3.0.5 which you can get here:

cheers :+1: