Remove some audio buzz and increase main audio

Hello, I haven’t download your program yet but I would like to know if your program can isolate various audio tones or split them into different audio tracks so I can eliminate one and volume increase the other?

I have a MOV file and there is a faint buzzing/hissing through the whole video, must be from the mic or whatever and I would like to remove this but also the video of everyone speaking is way too low so if I increase the main volume of the video will intern increase the buzzing/hissing noise so I need to remove the buzzing/hissing but still need to increase the main volume of the whole video. Can your program do this or is there something else I need to do/use? Thank you

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments and sounds. Even if the microphone noise level is normal, recording low volume is deadly. The noise reduction tools need to you to be able to identify “clean” noise, noise with no voices or other sounds. If you can’t do that, or worse, there are no parts of the show with clean noise, then the tools aren’t going to help much.

Did you shoot the video?


Hello, yes I shot the video, not a professional :slight_smile: okay then I guess if you can tell me how do only increase the volume/section where someone is talking and keep the rest low then that will be fine too. The buzzing/hissing isn’t too annoying so if I can just increase the volume only at the parts when someone is talking then that should be alright too. Thanks

only increase the volume/section where someone is talking and keep the rest low

That’s the same thing as noise reduction using different words.

If you open the track in Audacity, you can drag-select the blue waves where the voice are and boost everything with Effect > Amplify. You have to do that each time somebody says something, I don’t know any way to do it automatically if the shoot is too ratty.

Audacity doesn’t know what a voice is. You have to train it and you can’t train it if the noise is too high and the voices are too low.

Post a ten second segment of the show on the forum. Post the raw sound. We can’t take effects out of a sound clip.


okay, thanks. I’ll give it a go.