Remove Silence Between Tracks

Hello All…Newbie is back with a silly question.
I am recording a bunch of LP’s to my computer. What is the easiest way to remove silence between tracks?
I am using Audacity 2.0.5. on windows 7 and then editing on windows vista because of better playback options.
Thanks in advance guys!

There are various ways to do it.
Depending on the type of music you may be able to use “Sound Finder” to mark the tracks with region labels. then use Export Multiple to export the marked sections.

Analyze > Silence Finder.

I thought there was an automatic one…

Silence Finder can be dangerous on vinyl. Vinyl records don’t have silence. They just have music and groove noise and sometimes the’re the same volume. Of course the problem is much worse on records you really like.


If you haven’t seen this yet. There may be hints in there.


Using “Sound Finder” rather than “Silence Finder” has the advantage that it marks “regions” rather than just marking points. “Export Multiple” with then export only the selected regions. Any unlabelled sections (where there is only silence) does not get exported.

If you don’t get sufficiently reliable results with Sound Finder, region labels can be added manually:

That is a terrific idea, but it still doesn’t rescue the records you really liked. What was the silly line, “playing them clear?” Those you might want to consider downloading.

Thanks guys! I am going to try all of these suggestions! I am just trying to master this software.