Remove rude guy yelling during tape of son's basketball game

I am using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.5. I downloaded from .exe installer.
I am very new to this so I am sorry if this is already listed.
While taping my son’s basketball game, a guy sitting next to me yelled during entire game. Please tell me how I can turn down volume of his yelling while still being able to hear game playback.

Thank you,

Not an automatic way, no. We can automatically make the yelling the same volume as the rest of the show.

You can use the Envelope Tool to reduce the volume of the yelling manually word by word through the course of the show. You up for that? After you get good at it, I figure it can’t take you more than ten to fifteen seconds to suppress each word. All that does it suppress the yelling, the show sound behind the yelling is toast. That’s not coming back.

“I tried to record my rock concert and the jerk down the row kept yelling through the whole thing.”

Rock Concert, meet srausch705.


Thank you very much.