Remove one track from the whole

I record the sermons for my church using audacity. Sundays service was recorded on the week before. On my track line thing I have 2 combined tracks. The one on top was the one taped 2 weeks ago. The one on bottom has Easter and two weeks ago… I don’t even know how that happened! Is there a way to seperate this mess? No one wants to listen to two sermons simultaneously!

If they are separate “Audacity tracks”, then just click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track to delete it.
If that does not do what you expect, select “Undo” from the “Edit” menu, and then describe the problem to us in more detail (a screenshot may help make it clear).

If you do have two sets of blue waves, you can use the SOLO and MUTE buttons to the left to hear one without the other. It would be really good if that’s what you have. That can be easily rescued.