remove noise just by a click on a short-cut?


I am a Windows 7 Audacity 2.0.3 user.

I would appreciate your help for the following scenario.

We do a recording everyday year round. During the months April thru October the ceiling fans adds noise to our recording. We like to remove ceiling fan noise. I am able to optimize noise removing parameter with minimum side effect as follows.

Noise reduction (dB): 12
Sensitivity (dB): 0.00
Frequency smoothing (Hz): 500
Attack/decay time (secs): 0.11

What I am doing is as follows -

First select (mark) Noise Profile in the file. We can assume this will be constant for all months April–October.
Then select ‘Effects’ menu, then then select ‘Noise Removal’ then click ‘Get Noise Profile’, do ‘Ctrl+A’ followed by ‘Ctrl+R’.

Is there any easy way to input Noise Profile as a constant from an external source rather than selecting (marking) from the file being processed for Noise removal everyday?

Is it possible to automate the process so that a Dummy can remove noise just by a click on a short-cut? Thanks.

Regards and Best Wishes,

Anami Bhargava

As far as I’m aware, not without modifying the Audacity source code and building your own custom version. Even if you do that you will probably get sub-optimal results because the noise on the recording may vary from day to day depending on fan speed, humidity, microphone position, recording levels, number of people and their positions in the room and other factors. In terms of the sound quality, by far the best solution would be to temporarily turn the fans off while recording, or find a quieter room to record in.

Older versions of Audacity did allow you to use a single NRP (Noise Profile) file that was a previously captured noise profile. However the feature was not intuitive and was part of another incomplete feature. You could not select one or more profiles from the Noise Removal interface.

So what you are asking for amounts to a “Feature Request”.