Remove musical overlay on flight video

I’m flight enthusiast and tend to film both takeoffs and landings. Most of the time, landings include just the background sound of the turbofans which is what I like, but on my most recent flight the airline played some crappy music which ruins the video and which I want to remove if that’s possible.

I’ve already imported the ffmpeg files necessary to expand the option to extract the audio and the image is what Audacity shows when I import the video.

I’m not sure what to do next. Can somebody point me in the right direction?
music removal.PNG

I think it’s impossible to remove music from aircraft-noise.
You could cheat : transplant another aircraft-noise soundtrack to the video …

You’ll need video-editing software to do that (Audacity only edits sound).

What a brilliant idea!

I already have around 20 movies of landings so I’ll just extract the audio from one of those and use it to replace the music overlay. I think I can use a freeware video editing application called Shotcut for that.

Thanks very much for the tip Trebor.