remove hiss noise help

Horrible hiss noise on the last few minutes of my interview. Tried noise removal but it really compresses the audio. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! The forum is saying the file is too large to upload on here though…

We believe you.
You can’t actually remove hiss. Cut the show down so you have a clip at the point where the hiss starts and post that. Sometimes it’s not actually hiss and we can do something.

Generally, your’e stuck with hiss because it’s so similar to the way the human voice works. Noise Removal tries to remove everything from the show. You either get what you got, martian voices, or you get velvety silence with hissy voices – like a snake.

Hiss is hard and it’s a very common problem with USB microphones.

Do you know what happened to cause this problem?


no i do not, it’s never happened before!

here’s the clip of the hiss

Perfect. Thank you. That’s not standard “rain in the trees” hiss and we can help.

At about 16 seconds, somebody off-mic says, “It just dropped out there for a second – OK.” There is a short segment with just pure, totally uninterrupted noise. That’s golden. Drag-select that noise-only and Effect > Noise Removal > Profile > OK.

Then select some of the rest of the show (not too much, you don’t want to be there all week) and Effect > Noise Removal > set it for the numbers in my illustration > OK.

It will not remove the trash to zero, but it’s probably enough to get you through the presentation. I’m posting the sample repair on my web site. That will take a few minutes.

Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 11.51.17 AM.png

That sounds like an RF/Wireless microphone going bug-nuts (technical term). Any RF mics in your setup? Any RF or radio equipment on the set? Cellphones? Obviously you need to fix that before your next show.

Here’s the clip. It will be obvious what I did. You can mess with the noise removal settings if you want, but I think on a free-wheeling podcast, a certain amount of “dirt” is expected. If you try to get rid of more noise, the voices may start to sound funny.

What is your show?


Hey!!! Thank you so much! Yeah, it was a mic issue apparently. That helped a ton. I need to find a decent studio in LA to rent out so I don’t have to keep messing with editing it my self. The show is called Foster the Podcast -

Also here is the final (edited version) let me know how i did

Let us know if you find a studio you like.
I need to drop off for a while.
Los Angeles

I like the woman. She’s fun. Who is she? I don’t think I ever got an intro – or isn’t that the whole show?

Is this all in one room, or is this a particularly fancy Skype session?

Is this you in the attached clip? You need to back off the microphone. You can do rapid-fire comedy without P popping and high distortion. If you listen on a serious sound system, the thumps and pops knock over the wine glass and scare the cat.

That voice is always dense and mushy compared to the other voices. It takes me out of the theatrical rhythm. It’s like the voice is in one show and everybody else is in another. I tried compressors and equalization, but the voice is just so different nothing helped. If that’s a headset, try pushing back the microphone boom a little. It’s not supposed to touch your lips.

This is Episode 10? It’s good storyline. Any trouble rounding up the performers? After the thrill wears off, sometimes the actors decide they want to do something else. When beginners start a podcast, they never look down the road.

“It takes you four hours to post-produce your podcast. That’s going to get really tired about the sixth or seventh show.” Are you getting producer’s remorse yet?


Do you really sleep in your boxers?

Oh man, what happened? The beginning of “Sister Sister” was perfect: theme music, stingers, intros, background and links. And then overload and mushy voice city. What was the difference between the two? Different mics? I still want to know if that was a Skype session. It doesn’t sound like it.

Episode 30? That’s impressive.

You never introduced the woman.