Remove "gong" from an audio recorded in auditorium?


I have a recorded video of a speech in an auditorium. The audio is overall good, but there is this “gong” in the vocals. When the speaker speaks, there is this heavy effect in the voice. I hope you get the point when I refer to recording in an auditorium.

Audio: MP3

What filter/effect should I use to fix the vocals? Is there any plug-in for either of the softwares that can help me equilize the levels? I am very good with using effects, so please explain in a bit detailed manner.


I think by “gong” you mean reverberation.
I don’t know of a way to remove reverberation with audacity,
but the recording may be improved (made clearer) by using the equaliser:
cut back the frequecies at which the room is most resonant.

Here’s a sample from a speech on pilot training.

The weird noises in this recording are compression artifacts.
You could reduce these in future by recording lectures at a sample rate of 22050Hz instead of 48000Hz.
(The bit rate for your WAV to mp3 conversion may be too low, this can also cause a lot of compression artifacts to occur).

I’ve attached a before and after copy, not much improvement unfortunately.
sample-pt (before then after attempted clean in Audacity).zip (203 KB)

That’s way too damaged for anybody to rescue.


You can rely on getting terrible recordings in auditoriums and rock concerts unless you know the sound person and she personally gives you a feed from the sound support mixing desk.

You can occasionally capture a lecture if you happen to be standing in front of one of the speakers and it’s not too loud, or you invest in a nice multi-hundred dollar shotgun microphone.

Those still won’t give you a good performance, they will give you a barely usable one