Remove displaying of "Track Control Panel and The Vertical Scale"

I’m a long time user of Audacity which although it has many, many capabilities, I’ve only been using it for years to “edit” my .mp3 files.

I’m currently running Rev 2.3.0 and I’ve tried, without success, to find a way to remove the “Track Control Panel and The Vertical Scale” from my display. Although I’m sure that many of your users might find/need these features, I on the other hand and for my use find these to be obtrusive and distracting.

So I ask if these items can be configured as to not be displayable and thus free up that space for me to be able to see the whole song waveform unobstructed?

It is not currently possible to hide the Track Control Panel / vertical ruler, so I’ve moved this topic to the “Adding Features” section of the forum.