Remove background music keeping other sounds (from a game)

I’ve done some more research, reading and testing and have managed to reduce the background music to a significant extent. Is there a way to reduce it further?

The beginning steps came from the following forum

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Added two copies of the audio

  2. Used the ‘Vocal remover (for centre-panned vocals)’ effect on the 2nd track with the settings

  • Remove vocals
  • Simple (entire spectrum)
  • Frequency band lower and upper limit (Hz): 500 2000
  1. Used the ‘Noise removal’ effect to get the noise profile of the entire 2nd track

  2. Used the ‘Noise removal’ effect on the 1st track with the following settings

  • Noise reduction (dB): 20
  • Sensitivity (dB): 20.00
  • Frequency smoothing (Hz): 1000
  • Attack/decay time (secs): 0.00
  • Noise: remove
  1. Used the effect ‘Amplify’ on the 1st track
  • Amplification (dB): 18.4 (it varies from audio to audio so I just used the given value)
  1. Used the ‘Equalisation’ effect on the 1st track
  • Select curve: Bass cut
  1. Used the Brainworx bx_solo plugin on the 1st track with the settings
  • M solo
  • 400% Stereo width

I’ve uploaded the two samples, before and afterwards using the effects, in the same file


OS - Mac version 10.7.3