Remove background music and vocals from firework video

Hi All,
I recently recorded a fireworks display which was set to music but unfortunately the system didn’t play the music properly so I am trying to see if it is possible to remove the music and vocals from the video leaving just the sound of the fireworks so that I can then add the music track over it.

I’ve tried to use the remove vocal feature but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, or I’m doing it wrong.

Does anybody know if what I am trying to do is possible and if so any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


If the firework noises are much louder than the music, a noise-gate could isolate them.

The “best thing” would be to completely mute the soundtrack and find some firework sound effects to patch-in. That’s how “Hollywood” would do it, but that’s a lot of work…

Assuming the explosions drown-out the other sounds you can also Generate Silence or the Envelope Tool to manually “noise gate”.

A subtle amount of reverb and/or echo might make it less-obvious that the sound is cutting in-and-out.

You can also try “stealing” some good-explosions to paste-over the bad-explosions. That way you wouldn’t have to go searching for sound effects and you wouldn’t have to replace them all.

Thanks for the replies. The idea of muting and adding firework sounds manually did cross my mind but like you say it would be a lot of work.

The fireworks are louder than the music in places so i’ll look into the noise-gate as you have suggested.

Thankyou both for the guidance

If you have various good-ish chunks of fireworks louder you could use those to copy and past over where the music is louder

Still a bit of work - but not as bad as “muting and adding firework sounds manually” I would think

You have to be careful at the joins to avoid clicks - but you can work on that with fades.


If the fireworks are distant, the explosion will be heard after it is seen.