Remove Audio Signal below a certain Treshold volume

So here is what I’m trying to do.
I have a Audiotrack, that is me talking into my microphone. And I want to remove any sounds below -25dB.
And when I say remove I mean mute them/turn them down to -infinity dB or however far is possible and not take them out of the timeline entirely.
In other words the overall audio is meant to remain the same duration.

How would I do that?

You would use a Noise Gate.
There’s a Noise Gate plug-in available here:
See the top of that page for installation instructions.

What’s the show?

Let us know how it went. We’re always interested in user experiences for the tools, filters and effects.


That’s exactly what I was looking for and it worked just fine the way I wanted to use it.

That Noise Gate Plugin worked just fine and was exactly what I was looking for.

Would I recognize this production if I saw it? Noise Gate rarely does what people want and I’m wondering what kind of show it is so we can tell others.


I was really just playing a video game and had recorded two seperate audio tracks. One with my microphone for my voice and one for everything else (such as the game sound or other people talking). idealy I’d have those two on seperate audio tracks again, but the software I was using to record that only allows for recording two audio tracks max.
And I wanted to get rid of any breathing sounds and keyboard clicking on the audio track with my voice, while maintaining the same length of the track, because I wanted it to sync up with the 2nd audio track and the video track again in the end.

Hello, that link doesn’t work for me and my MAC with Sierra 10.12.6… it just comes up with a .txt doc when I click the link to start the download. How can I get the plug-in?

Thank you!

Nyquist plugins are just like .txt documents, but they end in .ny , (rather than .txt).
You can open them in a text-editor if you want to modify them …
''Noisegate,ny'' Nyquist plugin opened in a text editor.png

Download a copy of “noisegate.ny”, then paste a copy of “noisegate.ny” into Audacity’s plugin folder.
Then you have to enable “noisegate.ny” plugin in the plugin-manager
enable ''noisegate,ny'' in plugin manager.gif
Then NoiseGate will be available in Audacity’s Effect menu.

CTRL-click on the link to download the file

– OR –

Save the file shown in your browser with the correct name, ending in .ny.