Remove Audience noise


I have a audio clip which has audience reaction within it as it was recorded in a live show. I am unable to remove the noise. Is there anyway I can achieve my goal? Here is the actual song recording:

Thank you

Noise reduction needs noise to be one single tone, buzz, or whine such as a bad microphone cable to be in the background and constant through the whole show. It will not be able to tell the difference between audience voices and the voices of the performers. In addition, the audience voices come and go making it even more difficult. We warn against including environment sound with a show recording accidentally because it’s impossible to remove.

As hard as they are to shoot, many people like stage performances because they consider studio performances to be dry and without character. Many performers only light up on stage with a live audience.


As far as audio software is concerned, the audience is not “noise”, the audience is a thousand performers in the recorded show so they cannot be removed other than by cutting out (deleting) that part of the show.

Ironically, the singers in this performance are miming and there is no sign of a live band. The music that they are dancing to appears to be pre-recorded. The audience (only) has been recorded at the live show and then mixed in with the pre-recorded track.

Have you checked to see is the pre-recorded track is available to buy?