remove ancient dependency

Exact version number of Audacity: Audacity 2.3.0 alpha git
Operating system version: Linux
Brief description of the problem: build fails with built with a modern meson build of mesa git–due to missing
Detailed, step by step instructions for how to reproduce the problem: Compile mesa git with meson/ninja. Then attempt to compile audacity from git.

From :

“No sane project should depend on the .la files - that’s why distros/packaging tools remove them by default.”

“.la files are generated by libtool, meson doesn’t use libtool so there will be no .la files. It’s not a bug, it’s actually a feature. As Emil said, projects should not be dependent on .la files, that’s bad behavior.”

Where does the build failure occur? During the build of wxGTK?

This bug appears to be totally unrelated to Audacity, so I don’t understand why you posted it here (unless you are planning to follow it up with spam). That bug is now marked as “RESOLVED FIXED” so I am closing this topic.