Remove all sound above a certain pitch

I am using music from youtube to help me practice my songs from choir. These songs include the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. It’s often hard to hear the bass as the other parts drown it out. How would I go about removing all sound above middle C? Yes, sometimes I would hear the tenor section (because they occasionally go below middle C), but at least I’d be able to hear my part more easily.

Is there a tool for removing all sound above or below a specific pitch?



High-pass & low-pass filters respectively.
[ Equalizer can do both ]

Hello, I tried using the equalizer to remove all sounds above middle C, but it didn’t work. I tried the high pass and this too didn’t work. Should I send you the file for you to look at? I can diminish some the higher notes so that the lower notes are louder, but I can’t get rid of the higher notes, and even worse the low notes become TOO loud. I want to only hear notes within the range that I’m practicing the music (I’m a bass), and so don’t want to hear other parts playing below/above this range.

It’s not possible to completely isolate different singers. Although the fundamental frequency of the bass is lower than the other singers, the harmonics will extend (overlap) into the range of the other singers.

An alternative to Audacity is OCENaudio, (unlike Audacity), it has built-in filters, (e.g. low-pass & equalizer), which can be adjusted in real-time …