Remove a recorded track

Hi folks,
I have a long audio (mp3) and i have lot of repeating audio clips within, which i want to remove. It is a audio recorded from streaming media, and it has lot of advertisements and announcements in between, which I want to remove. I tried using “Noise removal”, it didn’t help. It removed most of the audio and all i could hear is shrills. Could you please help how I can remove that specific audio?


PS: I searched for this topic, but it was not available.

Select the bit of sound you want to remove then press “Delete” (or “Ctrl” + “X”) to remove it, (just like a word processor).

[after you have mastered “delete” see here for how to “repair” (smooth) the join where the deleted bit was].

“Noise” is a specific sound or family of sounds – constant buzzes, hums, whistles, hash or hiss. It’s not just “Bad Sound” or sound you don’t want. There are very few tools that will remove individual performers or performances mixed into the total show and do it automatically.

You can remove a constant air conditioner rumble from your show, but that MetroBus starting up outside the window in the middle of a sentence is now a performer.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem, suppose one of the commercials in hour one was a promotional announcement for the second hour? In that case there would be no difference at all in the the two sounds – no way to separate them for automatic removal.

I do this on occasion and the only way to help removing the pieces manually is to carefully measure the commercial breaks. Many of them are evenly spaced and easy to find once you know the formula.

“This show has a major breaks at the top and bottom of the hour and the show is in thirds.”