Removal of voice from single track in audacity

Recently I’ve been recording some game commentary with a friend. We both have our own computers and headsets. Our plans were to swap our voice tracks and edit them in to each others videos, so we’d each have a clear version of each other.

Unfortunately in my friends video you can hear my voice. Mine is very quiet compared to his. I haven’t used a tool like Audacity in years and even then I was no expert!

Could anyone point me in the direction of how to do this? I’ve had a play around with the “High Pass Filter”, however either I’m not setting it right or it’s not effective in this case.

If you need a sample of the audio I can happily do that - is there somewhere free I can upload it to?

Thanks all!

Probably not. You fall into one of the Four Horsemen. #4. You can’t remove a quiet background voice. Koz

– The Four Horsemen of Audio Recording (reliable, time-tested ways to kill your show)
– 1. Echoes and room reverberation (Don’t record the show in your mom’s kitchen.)
– 2. Overload and Clipping (Sound that’s too loud is permanently trashed.)
– 3. Compression Damage (Never do production in MP3.)
– 4. Background Sound (Don’t leave the TV on in the next room.)

Hey Kozikowski,

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:. Yeah it was our first recording - in the future we’ll either sit across the room or sit in other rooms and do some sound testing first!

I understand it doesn’t seem good, however are there any filters or tools I could use to minimize the impact? The problem is when I add the sound tracks together (mine and his) there’s an echo in my voice obviously coming from his track. So even if I can minimize it without removing, it’ll reduce the echo enough to make it passible for this one at least.

Thank you!

Sorry for the double post - I can’t edit the post I just made. I’ve uploaded a clip to soundcloud if that helps at all: