Removal of Noise

I am new user of Audacity. So i find it difficult to solve the problem. I have a prompt which is got a 4sec .wav file. I want to remove the noise from the prompt so that it can be clearly heard. I am finding it difficult to use the Noise removal effect as i can’t understand it. Can anyone please explain the steps to remove the noise through easy steps. It would be highly appreciated. How can i insert my screenshot of the waveform???

You may not need to post anything, but a shortened version of the WAV file as sound might be valuable.

Audacity can’t do forensics. If you have a voice file that’s barely intelligible, or not useful at all, no Audacity tools are going to help you.

Noise Removal work in two steps. Drag-select a portion of the show with noise-only and no valuable performance. Get Profile. Then apply the tool again and Audacity will try to remove the Profile from the show according to the sliders and settings. That’s the overview. That’s how it works.

If you can’t understand enough of the show to tell when the voice stops talking, then you can’t even get to step one. Also, we can’t remove broadband noise like traffic or white noise and we can’t remove noise that’s constantly changing like cars, trucks or airplanes.

How did you get the sound file? Did you discover that the cellphone recorder only records your own voice and not the voice on the far side? That’s a common complaint.