Removal of an unwanted regular sound

Hi guys,

I am trying to remove a repeating noise, like a metronome or similar, from a recording (which was apparently accidentally introduced in post-production and not noticed). I have a basic understanding of Audacity, and have tried ‘Noise Reduction’ but it didn’t seem to have any success. The noise in question sounds a little like the default Windows mouseclick, and occurs every ~10 seconds. Is there an effective way to remove this using Audacity?

The zoomed-in waveform is here:

As you can see, it’s on one stereo channel far more than the other but is present on both.

It probably won’t be possible to completely eliminate it, but probably will be possible to reduce it substantially (though it may require a tedious amount of work to do so). Could you attach a short audio sample in WAV of FLAC format to your reply - just a couple of seconds - then we can try to help you find the best way to tackle the problem.