Remembering Multi-track names

I have Audacity 2.0.3 setup to record from a Behringer X32 console over Firewire. (Running a MBP 13" mid-2012, 10.8.3, 8GB)

First of all…serious props to the team for making this work at all! I was pleasantly surprised. I also run StudioOne, but Audacity is so much faster and easier for a quick recording session.

The biggest challenge I have is that it’s a pain to re-enter 32 track names after each recording session. I’d love a file import option for track names. I’m happy to beta test.

I’m struggling to think how this could be implemented. The main difficulty that I see is that importing track names would require the right number of tracks to exist in the project, or that the tracks are created from a list, but then assuming that you are using the same number of channels each time, so it seems that it is fraught with opportunities for user error and “well actually I’d prefer that it worked like this” (with everyone having a different opinion about how the feature should work…)

However, I do have an idea for a work-round.
How about creating an empty project with as many pre-named tracks as you need. When you need to start a new project, open up this empty “template” project and then use “Save Project As” to save it with a new name (the empty project is then still an empty project ready for the next time). To start recording, press Ctrl+A to select All, then shift+R to record into the existing tracks (Append Record).

Thanks Steve. Yeah, I just discovered append recording after reading through a bunch of threads already. I’ll try this next. It sounds like an easy workaround.