Remember the user's previous size for the Manage Plug-ins window

Per my thread here Add / Remove Plug-ins dialogue box is too small - Audacity Forum I find the height of the Manage Plug-ins dialogue window (Add / Remove Plug-ins…) is too small - only showing about 4 plug-ins. (On my linux installation with a high DPI screen - I see it’s a bit larger on Windows.)

Even on an average-sized screen, the window could be quite a bit higher by default.

But the easiest thing to implement would be remembering the user’s previously selected window size when this dialogue was last closed. Could that be done?


You’d be better off posting that request as an enhancement issue on Audacity’s GitHub:

You’d need a GitHub account to do that - but GitHub accounts are free.

Sounds like a sensible (and useful) request to me though.


Redesigning the plugin manager is something on the to-do list for 3.2 more generally, fwiw. (issue #999)

OK - I wondered if I should ask first if posting here was right! :wink:

Fortunately I do already have a github account.


Done: Remember and use previous window size for Manage Plug-ins · Issue #2228 · audacity/audacity

And I just added mu support for this


If there was a thanks / like button I would have clicked it