Remastering Tutorial removed from Help Tutorials / Index


I have a track I want to remaster and was relying on the Help File to Help Me.

However, going into the 3.x help file, I find virtually no help topics in the manual and a search online shows a tutorial on remastering audio used to exist in a much earlier 1.x version of Audacity but has now been removed.

Can we have an uptodate tutorial on this please?


I have a track I want to remaster

What do you mean by “Remastering.” It’s not unusual for services to go forward under a different name.


You may be referring to this old un-maintained article in the Audacity Wiki:

and its related page:

This never made it into the Audacity Manual as it was no longer accurate for later versions of Audacity.


There is also a tutorial in the Wiki for mastering Audio books - that one is maintained I believe: