Reloop turntable recording via audacity poor volume

Hi, I recently bought a Reloop turntable and I am trying to rip my old collection of house vinyl’s… I’m finding that via audacity, the gain is very low, but when played back, it seems to loose 40-50% of the overall volume.

For context, i connect the reloop to my Cambridge audio amp, and to the laptop. I then record using audacity, export to mp3, then use recording on Serrato pro controller

Did you run the Amplify or Normalize (1) effect after recording?

Is the sound quality OK?

That’s confusing, and and I don’t know if you have a recoding problem or a playback problem. Is the Cambridge a phono preamp, or is it being used as a preamp? How is it connected to the laptop? Most laptops don’t have line-in.

This is only for playback?

It could be normal. Digitized vinyl can be quieter than “original digital” for two reasons - Older records from the analog days didn’t have digital “loudness war” compression and limiting.

And the analog recoding & playback process changes the wave shape making some peaks higher and some lower (without changing the sound of the dynamics). This makes a higher crest factor (peak to average ratio) so when you digitally maximize the new-higher peaks the average level (which affects perceived loudness) is lower.

(1) If you want to “maximize” volume, run the regular (peak) normalization effect, not loudness normalization.

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