Reload WAV file without closing it first

I am using version 2.3.2 on Windows 10. My question is about reloading WAV files. The situation is that I load a certain WAV file which is generated by another program. I use Audacity to analyze the file and perform some processing such as filtering. If the original WAV file is regenerated by the other program, which can happen frequently, I need to reload it into Audacity. The only way I see to do this is to first close the file in Audacity, then open it again. This takes extra time and is very annoying. Is there some option similar to a “reload file” on text editors which allows me to reload in a single step that does not involve closing the file first?

p.s. when I say “regenerate” I don’t mean the original file is duplicated. There are changes to the original. So it’s the changed WAV file I need to load into Audacity.

When Audacity “loads” an audio file (we call it “Importing”), the audio data from the file is copied into the Audacity Project and appears in the project as a new audio track. Anything that you do to that audio track changes the audio data in Audacity, but because Audacity is working on a copy, there is no affect on the original file. Similarly, any changes to the original file after it has been imported into Audacity, have no affect on the Audacity Project.

To get the new audio data, you have to import it. So to “refresh” the track:

  1. (Optional) Delete the old track (click the [X] in the top left corner of the track)
  2. Import the new track.

Thanks for the reply. When it comes to my own workflow it would be much faster to have a “reload” or more correctly a “reimport” button which would allow me to reimport a WAV file whose name has not been changed, but now has a different content. If every track had such a button, I could simply click on that button and the updated audio data would be imported. This would be a single-step operation, as opposed to the multi-step process you describe. But perhaps most people don’t need this or simply put up with the extra workload, so there’s no plan to add this feature. I guess it’s just bad luck for me in that case, to the extent I use Audacity.

There’s a keyboard shortcut for opening the Import dialog: “Ctrl+Shift+i”

OK and I should point out that overall I think Audacity is awesome. Kudos to your group. :slight_smile:

Thanks for creating this amazing software. I have the same issue as Steve mentioned. Please consider implementing file watching and auto reload. I will be invaluable for some workflows.

That won’t work. When you edit or process a track in Audacity, the audio data is modified immediately. If Audacity reloaded the track, then all edits and processes to that track would disappear (undoing all of your work).