Release date for newest Audacity against Wx3.0?

Hi all,
my Antix Debian (16.04) repositories include Wx 2.8 and 3.0 versions, but with 2.0.8 version of Audacity, which indeed has some bugs that make things difficult.
I would prefer to wait until a newer release of Audacity is available that can be installed without problems, as compiling is quite a process (at least for me!) and I’m afraid of breaking something if I go too deep…

Otherwise, is there a previous version of Audacity that I can compile that works correctly with either of the Wx libraries I have available? (I don’t need anything bleeding edge here, my needs are quite basic.)

Or will there be a new release soon that I should wait for?



We’re hoping to release Audacity 2.1.3 before the end of the year.
Currently we are in “freeze”, which means that there will be no further code changes unless we find issues that must be fixed before release, so in all probability the 2.1.3 release will be the same as the “alpha” code is now, just with the addition of updated translations (translations can only be completed after the code is “frozen”).
Building Audacity from source is pretty straightforward on Debian based systems, so if you want to have a go, please say and I’ll dig out the step-by-step instructions.

Hi Steve and thanks for responding so soon! :slight_smile:
I think I can wait a couple more weeks at this point, and then ask the guys at Antix to add the new version as soon as it’s available.

My initial thought was to install a previous version that would work with Wx 2.8.0 that is also included already in the Antix repositories, but… would it be easy to do? Or would I run into other dependency problems?


We never made a 2.0.8 version. We jumped from 2.0.6 to 2.1.0.

If Antix has WxWidgets 3.0.2 then it would be better to build Audacity 2.1.3 alpha (which has many bug fixes added since the 2.1.2 release). Or you could wait for the new release.

Sorry… I meant 2.0.6.

I can’t find the alpha version you speak of. I’d be happy to try compiling if it you think it ought to work with the dependencies I already have…


Simplest way is to go to, click the “Clone or download” button top right and download the ZIP file of the latest Audacity source.

Audacity must be able to find wxWidgets 3.0.2 (or at least 3.0.0 or 3.0.1). You can configure Audacity to find that if you know where it is and specify the path to its wx-config file thus:

./configure WX_CONFIG=<path to wx3.0.x/wx-config>

You might want to add after ./configure the option --disable-dynamic-loading. This makes it easier to build against FFmpeg, unless you want to add --without-ffmpeg to configure to build without FFmpeg support.

Personally I always download wxWidgets 3.0.2 from, build and install widgets to /usr/local/ (which it does by default) then build Audacity which should pick up the wxWidgets in /usr/local/ because it is first in the search order.

I know Steve does not like that because of the extra step of building wxWidgets, but it seems much safer to me, not least that it’s the exact wxWidgets 3 version that Audacity is designed for.