Rekordbox to audacity

Can anyone help me, I’m trying to get my mix on rekordbox which is all tracks from soundcloud, on to audacity so I can record it and post it on to soundcloud. Does anyone know how I can record a soundcloud mix?

You want to record what you’re doing in rekordbox?

Does rekordbox have a record feature built in?

If not, you can record whatever is playing on your computer with Audacity using [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u] (probably the same way you recorded from Soundcloud).

However, you might get glitches/dropouts running multiple audio applications at the same time.

…and post it on to soundcloud.

That’s probably a copyright violation unless you have permission from the copyright holders.

I’m trying to get my mix

If you are making a “simple mix” without anything special like “vinyl scratching”, you can mix (and crossfade, etc.) in Audacity. It’s been awhile but I’ve made a few crossfaded “mix tape” style CDs with an audio editor. You can take your time getting the levels and crossfades, etc., just-right and it’s still usually faster than recording a “performance” in real-time.