Rejected by ACX

I don’t understand how we’re getting such different numbers. To recap, we’re both in Audacity 2.1.0 and on Macs? Open a show and open Effect > Compressor… but don’t apply it. Do a screen capture of that panel. Shift-Command-4 and draw a box around the panel.

Post it.

We may be experiencing the reason we never accept any processed work. Only raw sound files.

“No, wait, I thought you applied the compressor.”


I am Windows, not Mac? I hope that doesn’t mean I have been wasting your time.

I originally entered the"windows" board but didn’t realize the Special interest group might be mixed users.


I may have made a mistake that may have worked( I lost track of the order and number of processes), maybe I ruined it in some way I can not yet fathom. Now, I can’t get the Contrast test to respond to me, at all, on any clip which I make the attempt.
I sent a new clip to you. I am hoping you are not irritated with me for being the wrong kind of user(window/not mac) I am hoping somehow my mistake works and you think it’s worthy of a repeat submission to ACX.


Save everything and restart the machine.

I’m most concerned that we’re getting different results by apparently pushing the same buttons. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the show. I repeatedly get good ACX conformance and clear vocals with simple corrections on your clips and you keep missing it somehow…???..

I’ll pull down the latest clip, but I think they’re all fine. There’s something else wrong.

There’s a convoluted way that Windows users can get a screen capture. PrtScrn Key and then paste in MS Paint or something like that for cropping? Consult your Windows instructions.

As we go.

The machine restart should clear the decks and allow Audacity to start working again. If it doesn’t, are you filling up your machine or have other Windows problems? When was the last time you did that thorough virus scan that you had to wait for?


I think I am going to resubmit. It takes awhile to upload all these files before pushing the committed “finished” button. Please let me know if you think it’s a bad idea.

I ended up Getting the entire file within range with some combination of Amplyfy>Normalize>Compress>Normalize. Then as I tried to break them down into individual files they fell out a bit. I normalized each one separately. Now they all 26 files fall within the limits but they range from 19.6-22.6; I hope this is consistent enough.

I think I learned a great deal with your help. I think I assimilated some of the information in a new way. Thank you for your continued effort.

Much Appreciation-rjshine

I hope this is consistent enough.

It should be yes, particularly if you can listen to them in rough sequence and they all sound about the same volume. They should, given the numbers you got and assuming the other two numbers work out as well.


Exactly correct, except you can leave out the Amplify step. Normalize and Amplify do a lot of the same jobs and Amplify is redundant in this case.


And using the Normalize set to the following values and Compression set to the second attached values, the submission should sail right through. (click or scroll the compressor graphic).


Drop us a note if it succeeds.



I believe I have “officially” lived up to ACX production standard. Thanks for your efforts to assist. You really helped me understand the process better and boosted my confidence in the process. :smiley:

I’m pleased you’re a published performer.