Reinstalling Audacity

Apparently Audacity has become corrupted and it doesn’t register my mike anymore. And yes, the mike is in perfect working order, I tested it…also ran a diagnostic on it and the pc says nothing is wrong.

So it has to be Audacity. It just wont record sound at all, no matter what I do.


Will Audacity reinstall over itself?
If I have to delete it and reinstall, will the delete affect any of my .aud files?

How did you test the mic?

What kind of mic are you using? Are you using the mic built-into your laptop?

Did you select the mic as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

You can reinstall Audacity without deleting your AUP project files/folders, but this probably isn’t an Audacity problem and re-installing is unlikely to help. Audacity gets the audio-data from the Windows drivers and if the hardware & drivers are working Audacity should work.

Ok, I didn’t notice the recording selection had changed, so I changed it back.

But I closed out the program and opened Audacity to start a new recording and now my mike selection does not even show up on the dropdown list!

Whats going on?

I’ve ran all the pc troubleshooters, which say nothing is wrong. I got onto Microsoft help forums, and seems theres a lot of people who have this issue, but nobody at MS has ever responded. I’ve ran some online tests which all say the mike works fine.

So I don’t know whats happening.

I haven’t changed anything since the last time I recorded, and I haven’t done anything to my pc since then. I’ve even checked for updates on everything and everything says all my pc items are functioning normally and up to date.