Regular interval plug-in - Beginers question

Hello all,
First timer here - I hope this question is not too stupid.
I have been trying to use the regular interval plug-in to put labels on long audio recordings (3hours+). I need the intervals to be exactly 8 minutes apart but noticed that the labels drifted as the recording progressed. On investigation I found that even with a short recording and 1 second labels there was a problem as shown below.
0.000000 0.000000 01Label
1.020899 1.020899 02Label
2.041798 2.041798 03Label
3.062697 3.062697 04Label
4.083596 4.083596 05Label
5.104495 5.104495 06Label
6.125394 6.125394 07Label
7.146293 7.146293 08Label
8.167191 8.167191 09Label
9.188090 9.188090 10Label
10.208989 10.208989 11Label

On the waveform if I drop a label at exactly the 44100th sample it shows as 1.000001 secs so I am guessing the problem is in the plug-in calculation (?). Being game for a challenge and seeing the potential for writing/modifying plug-ins for my work I have spent the last couple of days poring over the ny file - as a person with limited experience I guess this is not the easiest example to use as an introduction to dissecting a Nyquist plug-in! Can any one point me in the right direction (or failing that put me out of my misery)? At present I am looking at how ‘time’ is dealt with from the control…

Many thanks,


0.000000	0.000000	01Label
1.000000	1.000000	02Label
2.000000	2.000000	03Label
3.000000	3.000000	04Label
4.000000	4.000000	05Label
5.000000	5.000000	06Label
6.000000	6.000000	07Label
7.000000	7.000000	08Label
8.000000	8.000000	09Label
9.000000	9.000000	10Label

As you can see, I’m not getting that problem, so we need to find what you are doing different.
Which version of Audacity are you using (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”).

Assuming that you are using the current version, could you describe step-by-step how I can reproduce the problem.

Hi Steve,
Thanks very much for getting back to me. Since seeing your reply I have tried the plug-in on a 30 second clip of silence generated from Audacity and, with this, the plug-in works fine! The files that have given the problem were recorded on a Tascam DR-05 so I guess the problem lies with the files coming from that? - very odd because on screen the time scale lines up with the expected number of samples (1 second per 44100) but, not with the labels. I am using latest Audacity but get the same problem with earlier versions on different PCs (all running Windows).
I am going to have to think what the implications of this are.

Do you have the “Adjust labels to fit” option selected?
If you do, then the duration between each label will be adjusted (if necessary) to fit the selected length.
(see here for the entry in the manual:

Well,to answer my own first question,it looks like both the question and the person who posed it are both stupid - I shall go hide under a rock for a while.
On the plus side I know a lot more about the way the plug-ins are put together now.
Sorry to have wasted your time,

Ah, so I guess that “Adjust labels to fit” was it. :wink: