registry error with Mac version

Any ideas I get a registry error on loading Audacity;
I Ok out of the error box & things run normally
I am not running any Windows emulation
OSX 10.8 & Audacity 2.03



What’s the computer?
Did you get the right Audacity?


Mac is i5 iMac 27 inch, Audacity is 2.03
Program works fine it just this startup error which seems weird


We don’t know what the “registry error” is.

Please post an image of this error. Command - Shift - 3 to capture the screen. Find the image on your Desktop and attach it here - see for how to attach images.


Attached error via screen capture

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 11.21.38.png


It is not an Audacity error (not in our source code).

I suspect it is the remains of some audio plug-in that you did not completely uninstall, probably an Audio Unit or VST. Please see here: Audacity Manual and on to the end of the page for the locations from which Audacity loads VST and Audio Unit plug-ins.