Registration level not working

Hi all!
OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04
Audacity 3.4.2 64bit

I am recording from an ADC (to USB port), set as USB microphone, but recording level slider does not work in Ubuntu OS.

I’m a Windows guy and tthat’s normal on Windows. But you can run the Amplify effect after recording.

In order to prevent clipping of the analog-to-digital converter built-into the mic, the analog level has to be controlled/reduced before it’s digitized.

Most USB audio interfaces and “USB podcast mics” have recording level knob.

USB mics without a recording level control are usually calibrated with low sensitivity so that they don’t overload with louder sounds.

Thank you for the information, but:

  • my preamp+ADC has no level regulation;
  • I need to reduce input sensitivity (before recording) to avoid clipping, do not need to Amplify after recording;
  • the problem arise only under Linux/Ubuntu (under Windows all is OK).

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