Register with 2 microphones

I just installed Audacity, then I am really a dummy concerning it.
I want to register two voices to add comments on a video. To make it more practical the two commentators will have headset and microphones. They will look the movie and make coments that I hope will be register in sync.
The two headset are connecte to the PC thru USB ports on a PC running Windows XP. The application recognize the two devices but I am just able to register on of the two microphone input.
In the “Barre d’Outils des periphériques” (the version 2.0.0 I use is in French) I can switch between teh two devices but how to selecvt the 2?
How to proceed?
I hope my request is clear, if not feel free to ask for details.

The may be interesting cross-language. Modern machines have the ability to combine two USB microphones using “Aggregate Device.” You select “Aggregate Device” instead of Mic-In or Line-In and the system will deliver both microphone’s sound.

But. Because you’re using two clearly separate microphones, the two data streams may be a little off and one voice will drift in time compared with the other. You have to experiment to determine if it’s a problem or not.

Also, there is no way to change the volume or filter only one microphone.

I know how to do this on a Mac, but not in Windows.


Windows does not have an “Aggregate Device” feature.
Audacity can only record from one device at a time, so for Windows that means only one USB microphone at a time.
To record two microphones at the same time (on Windows) you will need to use two conventional (not USB) microphones and plug them into a sound card that can support two microphones (e.g. )

Thanks a lot for your anwers.
It seems that there is not direct solution to the issue I have.
What about two microphones plugged in on single USB entry using a 2 to 1 small adaptator (if it exist…)
The Dell PC I use does not have a jack mic entry…