Just learning Audacity…

How to I play a region? If I click on the label it wants to edit the label’s text (this should be a double click) then somehow I mess around with TAB and SHIFT TAB and finally get to play that region. What is the correct procedure? I may have 100 regions and I want to double check each one before exporting.

Linux Mint 17.3, Audacity 2.0.5.


If you click on a “region label” (I presume that is what you mean), then the region defined by the label is selected, but the label text is also “open” so that the text can be edited. You need to “close” the text. Do that by pressing the “Enter” key.

To move from one label to the next, use the “Tab” key.

Putting this together, to play each region in turn:

  1. Click in the first label and press “Enter”, then press “Spacebar” to play. (Press "Spacebar again to stop, or wait until it stops at the end of the selected region)

  2. “Tab”, then “Enter”, then “Space” to play the next labeled region.
    (“Tab” moves to the next label. “Enter” closes the label text. “Space” starts playback).

  3. Repeat step 2 as necessary.

Simple (when you know how) just remember to press Enter. :slight_smile: