Regions in Label Tracks - making them contiguous


I’m not very good with Label Tracks and I’d be grateful for some help!

  1. Is it possible to selectively “lock” markers/cue points and regions (i.e. to lock some of them but not all)?

  2. Is there an easy way of getting regions in Label Tracks to “but up” against each other?

Re: 2 -

I want to divide a passage of audio into different sections (regions), with a view to saving those sections as separate audio files. So I play through the passage, inserting markers/cue points on a Label Track (using Ctrl+M). Then I go back and position those markers/cue points more precisely. Then I drag their handles to extend them - to make them “regions” rather than individual points - so that they are contiguous. But I have to zoom right in to maximum magnification to do so, which is a bit time-consuming; is there an easier way? (I tried using Tracks > Edit Labels instead of dragging handles, but AFAIK you can’t copy and paste start and end points).

Does that make sense? I’m sorry if I’m not explaining this very well! Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,


(Audacity v2.0.2, running in this instance on Windows XP SP2. Installed from .exe)

Unfortunately, no to both.

I’ve copied these suggestions to the Adding Features board:

Just use “point labels”.
“Export Multiple” will then export from one point label to the next.

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

On the first point, maybe there could be some way of doing it from a context menu(?) or by e.g. Ctrl + L clicking on the marker, at which point it changes colour to show that it’s locked(?)

Thank you, that’s very helpful :slight_smile: