regarding the order....

So, I have transfered some tracks from Finale into Audacity. I then: 1) Mix them down to Mono, 2) Resample to 44100, and 3) Normalize. Is there any particular order that these functions should occur for optimum quality? After all this is done, I then transfer the tracks (saved as WAV files) into my Zoom 4nPro recorder to add additional parts (vocals, guitar, etc.) later.
Just wondering if anyone has else has done this, and if there is a best or better way.
-Thank You

So if there aren’t any dynamic markings at all in the piece, I choose the selection tool from the main tool palette, then double-click on the first note of the song and select dynamics > ffff. Finale always seems to File > Export at 44100, so I never fuss with resampling.

Usually, you want to normalize last. And if you are mixing you can normalize after mixing because that’s going to boost your levels.

…Unless you’ve done something to push the levels into “clipping”. For example, if you boost the bass the peaks can go over 0dB, and in that case it’s important to normalize before exporting to WAV because “regular” WAV files are hard-limited to 0dB whereas Audacity can go over internally-temporarily.

I put that in quotes because Audacity is “shows red” for potential clipping and the data may not actually be clipped (yet).