refusing to record on catalina

new to Audacity and have set up it and my mic and cannot get it to record… i have gone through all the trouble shooting solutions down to the check menu in the privacy and security… it doesn’t offer Audacity I don’t get the option to click that to allow recoding with mic

Follow the instructions in this post:

I’m new to the forum and am on a new iMac quad 4 running Catalina and Audacity 2.3.3. And it took a bit to get Audacity to even open, but when it does open, it stalls and won’t do anything. After restarting several times, can get it to run forward but then it doesn’t record anything from our Yamaha MG16XU board. Even after attempting the “fix” in my terminal, I have had no luck.

thanks for any help,

Hi again, recently a co-worker managed to recreate the terminal fix and then get 2.3.3 to run and record. Audacity still hangs up and often orphans aup projects while running. Hopefully, a new upgrade is on the way soon, thanks. Rick