Refresh concert recording

I’m using Audacity 2.4.2 and have Windows 8.1

I have an old concert recording in mono. This one sounds rather dull.
I want to refresh the sound so that the recording will sound fresh and sparkling.

How do I that in Audacity, what should I do?
Which filters are useful?


On cassette tape?
What sort of concert?
Is it a low quality “bootleg” recording, or a professional recording?

You can make a recording less “dull” by boosting high frequencies with the “Graphic EQ” effect (See: The downside is that any hiss in the recording will also be boosted.

It is a more than 40 years old concert recording (made with a Philips mono casette recorder) within the audiance.

After recording the tape, Export a backup copy as a WAV file (so that if you mess up you won’t have to re-record).

If there’s noticeable tape hiss, use “Noise Reduction” to reduce it (note that too much noise reduction will damage the remaining sound)

If the audience applause is too loud, the “Envelope tool” to reduce the audience noise between songs.

Use the Graphic EQ to tweak the sound as necessary.

A hint of pseudo-stereo ?.

[* Other pseudo-stereo plug-ins are available].