Reducing noise from a concert recording

Hi, I’m new here and I don’t really use Audacity much other than to snip and stitch tracks together for projects. But recently attended a concert and recorded the performance but the audio is terrible and I don’t know if it’s salvageable. There’s a lot of heavy buzzing noises arising from the percussion I think (i’m not good with terms, sorry) but I was hoping anyone could help me with it, or at least let me know if it can be saved.

Thank you.

The buzzy bass line is your recorder overloading. There are portions of the performance that just didn’t get recorded. People at a live performance expect the bass line to move their shirts. Not the best thing for a good quality recording.

Is this your phone? If you let the phone do its natural thing, you may have gotten a better recording.


I was using my digicam without a dedicated microphone or anything :frowning: i think i was standing pretty close to the speakers as well, might be a cause for the disruption? Do you think this clip can be salvaged?

Ummm. No. As I posted, there are parts of the performance that didn’t get recorded. Another forum elf may drop in…

Which one? I’m surprised that the normal camera let that sound go through.

There may be settings for outside wind noise and excessive volume. Do you know where those settings are? All my recorders have High Pass FIlters (HPF) for rumble and difficult performances.


Audacity’s “telephone” equalization curve preset makes it less bassy, but the buzz is baked-in

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