Reducing breathy noises

When I read for the audiobook I’m working on, I tend to take deep breaths and pound out a good line or two without needing a pause. It sounds fairly good. In between lines I shove in some quiet room tone to cut down on the noise. This takes a little bit of work, and is probably a big waste of time if I just didn’t make the sounds in the first place.

I also occasionally have noisy intakes where commas rest (usually pretty tame, but sometimes noisy enough where I definitely want them outta there) and on the end of some sentences the noise just hangs. Like if I end a sentence on the word ‘yesterday’ I produce an airy sound right after the word, every time, that just goes and goes. Removing it makes the whole word sound off.

What techniques can be used to help get rid of some of these breathy noises? Plugins are fine, but I’m also looking at the potential for new breathing or speaking techniques. YouTube links are great, forum posts are great (there are so many posts about breathing though, it’s very hard to find something actually useful), personal experience, whatevers. I wanna hear it and improve.

[Poised to start writing down answers.]