Reducing Background noise during a speech.


I am having one problem when it comes to recording. I have recorded a Spoken Word Poem from my Classic Ipod. Now the problem is that when I was listening to the recording, I heard clanging dishes and glasses when the poet was speaking. I know to try to do Noise Removal, but in this case, I don’t want to remove both the background noise or the person speaking. Second thing that I did was to download a software that someone recommended which is Levelator. That did not work either. Then the same person recommended that I use Compression which doesn’t work. Can someone help me find do something about removing background noise and bringing forth the speech that I want people to hear, how would I do that?

Midnight Starr

Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about it. This is why recording studios go to very great lengths to soundproof their recording booths. The “Noise Removal” effect is designed to remove low level continuous noise such as tape hiss - it does not work on intermittent noises such as plates clattering. “Levelling” or “Compressing” are likely to make it worse. If the noise is low level, and only noticeable in the pauses between words, then it may be possible to get some improvement using a noise gate, but I’m guessing that the problem is more noticeable than that, in which case gating will be no help either.

To minimise background noise while recording, get the microphone close to the speaker, and take whatever steps are possible to reduce the background noise in the room (close doors and windows).